Accelerating European hardware startups from prototyping to manufacturing


  • 4h/month                                                          500€* 
  • 8h/month                                                          875€* 


Usine IO's Booster program includes access to personalized, productive meetings with hardware experts and targeted connections to our vetted industrial network partners.


BOOST YOUR TEAM  :                                                      

  2nd collaborator                                    + 150€/month*           3rd collaborator                                            + 75€/month* 

                                                                       *not incl. taxes


Once your project has been technically validated for inclusion in the Booster program, you will begin by meeting once a week via video conference with our experts who will guide you through each step of your project; from reviewing the technical specifics of what you have already done to helping you define actionable next steps in refining your prototype, including design for manufacturing.

Outside of these one-on-one weekly meetings, our experts will be on call to answer any questions that you have via email.  When the time comes to select vetted industrial subcontractors and suppliers, our experts will work with you to negotiate the best price, ensuring that you save time and reduce expenses.

Areas of focus : design review / BOM review / design for manufacturing / coaching for faster decision-making



At the beginning of the Booster program our challenge was to find an electrical supply solution for our system, which was very energy-consuming. We were confronted with this question without having the skills or competences to structure our prototype.

With the Booster program we were supported by one Usine IO expert, who helped us find the right solution. We have defined consumption hypotheses, measured them, identified and contacted suppliers that are offering battery solutions.

The result of this leads us to the certitude that this kind of battery system will be too complex to implement at this stage of the project.
With the help of our Usine IO expert, we were able to find other solutions, saving both time and money in our product conception.
— Basile Segalen - Timescope
Our technology of interactive video-mapping is based on a mini-PC, a camera and a projector. Our hardware challenge is in the mechanical integration made with precise components. The final form of the product is not determined, because it depends on the final design usage concept and implementation constraints, for example conference rooms or retail shops to name a few.

Our challenge in coming to Usine IO was to quickly produce a robust prototype in order to perform customer previews and test installations.
Usine IO experts supported us in the mechanical conception, selection of adapted components and the overall manufacturing of our prototype.

Thanks to the help we got in this Booster program with laser cutting and 3D printing, we saved time and produced four very different versions of our product in record time !
— Julien Berta - Smartpixels



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